Thursday, October 7, 2021

How To Build a Raised Bed for a Backyard Garden #Gardening

Even if you are in a tiny space and have a balcony or patio, you can still create your own garden oasis. You would just build your raised bed smaller or use the container gardening method. Last week, I shared with you my first summer garden tour so I thought that I would back up and give you a look at how I built the raised beds. I would recommend getting the best quality wood you can afford like cedar or redwood and ensure that it's thick wood because over time your raised bed will have a lot of soil in it and get exposure to watering and the environment (sun, heavy winds, and debris). I did use a water-based stain on the outside of my raised beds to slow down the time I will have to replace them again. So far so good! I'm in Southern California so we have a longer growing season and I'm currently planting my radishes, carrots, peas, lettuce, cabbage, and other leafy vegetables as the weather becomes cooler. This heatwave happened earlier than usual this year, but hopefully, it's settling down now and I can get some cooler crops growing. I will be building two more garden beds closer to next spring to grow a lot more warmer vegetables. The video is below and if you have any questions or suggestions leave them in the comments below. Stay safe and be well.

Additional Resources

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