Sunday, October 10, 2021

Caregiver Daily Log Books for Senior Citizens to Track and Record Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

On October 1st, we celebrated International Day of Older Persons. It's a holiday to recognize the contributions of senior citizens and their well-being. For many years I had the opportunity to care for older adults during my career as an in-home caregiver. I helped many seniors continue to live an independent life in their homes and it was important to have a daily tracker to keep a record of their rehabilitation, activities of daily living, meals, and medical appointments. I feel that seniors should be celebrated every day because of their contributions to society and continual wisdom. To ensure that they are living their best life, there are daily logbooks available for caregivers. Use these books for recording and tracking the care provided to senior clients. Below, are some logbooks available on Amazon, with a couple designed by Selena Thinking Out Loud.

Caregiver Daily Log Book: Track and Record Personal Care Assistance and Activities of Daily Living

Caregiver Daily Log Book: Personal Caregiver Organizer Log Book | Patients Medical Journal and Medicine Reminder Log

Caregiver Daily Log Book: Care Log Journal Medical Care Recorder Patients Medical Journal Medicine Reminder Log: Caregiver Work Template | Care Home Work Tracking

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