Friday, May 5, 2017

My Outing to VegFest 2017 in Los Angeles #Vlog #VeganFestival

Selena Thinking Out Loud attended VegFest 2017, a vegan festival with food, LIVE bands, food demonstrations, discussion panels, health and wellness, and lots for the kids to do. It was a great way to get informed about living a vegan lifestyle without all of the hype, stigma, and misinformation.

Personally, I transitioned to a vegan lifestyle last year, after being a vegetarian for about 14 years. So it was good to get lots of information on products, foods, and other vegans' experiences. Initially, I thought that I would miss ice cream and cheese, which were my only "big 2", but I found that it was actually not a big deal at all. 

If you're curious about all of the happenings at the vegan festival, VegFest 2017, then check out my vlog below! 

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