Sunday, April 30, 2017

#Sunday | Time With God Video Episode 45: Lack of Time Energy and Money are Blessings! #JesusCalling #BibleStudy

Well "Hello" to You! Happy Sunday. Selena Thinking Out Loud is happy to bring you another Story Time Sunday Time With God, Episode 45. Today we are going to learn WHY lack of time, energy, and money are really blessings. I know. What?! Yes, they really are. To tell you the truth, they don't feel like blessings when you're going through them but they are to God. This is the time that God wants us to seek His face to draw nearer to him, in our good and bad time. 
If you have your Jesus Calling daily devotional by Sarah Young, turn to April 30, 2017 and follow along with me in the video below as we go deeper into this message for us today.  I hope you have a blessed week!
These are the Bible scriptures that help us even more to understand this message:

♥ James 1:2
♥ 2 Corinthians 12:9

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