Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Live Below The Line 2013 - Day 2 - Inspired To #GiveMore to World Food Program USA (@WFPUSA)

I am inspired to Give More to the World Food Program USA (on Twitter: @WFPUSA) with a total donation of $250 to help provide 1,000 meals to school children in the poorest countries. This Day 2 of the Live Below The Line Challenge 2013, gave me a feeling of intense thanks to have my health and strength. I have learned through the years that it's better to give than to receive and in my giving, it will be given back to me. However, in my giving, I do not think about how I will receive my blessing in return because giving should be done with a free heart. In the end, it always works out better that way. I feel that love for others is important for us all to be successful. I am happy to be able to show how much I care and to help so many school children.

In this video, I share why and how much impact my donation will have on these little children. Here's where you can help by donating to the World Food Program USA (donations are tax-deductible): https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/selenab

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