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Doors of the Mind: Inner Mysteries #Review - A Hidden Object #Game

I've always been interested in strategy-type games, jigsaw puzzles, word find games, and now hidden object games. They really get my mental juices racing when I have writer's block or feel stuck in thought. I happened across Big Fish, who is now one of my affiliate sponsors and I can't help but be addicted to these artistically creative games. The first game I tried for free before I bought it, on my IPhone, was Doors of the Mind: Inner Mysteries. I decided to download it on my IPhone because I'm always out and about and if I'm sitting in a waiting room, I have something to stimulate my mind. This game is also available for your PC or Mac. I realized that I could only download a game to my IPhone, if I had a wireless connection. So, I downloaded this game from home and then I could play it anytime I wanted, thereafter, wherever I went.

Doors of the Mind: Inner Mysteries, is a hidden object game, with 5 Levels or 5 Days, as they say. Your job is to help a young boy, along with his hired dream specialist, decipher the nightmares he keep having since the death of his father. 

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose Hidden Object Game Review

There were some really spooky moments as you entered some of the rooms so beware if you decide to keep the sound on, in play. The graphics for each room was very detailed and the colors looked great on my IPhone. You could see how much work and thought was put into this game. As you move through the story, you see your progression and how real it feels as you help the young boy gather clues. The hidden objects were sometimes hidden so well, that I had to take a break to let my eyes rest and come back to play later. Since, I'm not a person to use the strategy guides, unless I am seriously stumped, coming back later helps my eyes to readjust. However, if you like to have a strategy guide close by, this game comes with one and a blog walk-through, info here. On my IPhone I had to make sure to zoom in with my fingers to see some of the hidden objects because they could be under or behind other items in rooms. There were also other short challenges within the game itself that you will have to pass, but I do believe you could pass them if you got stumped, if I remember correctly. However, if you do feel frustrated, take a look at the strategy guide or blog walk-through, for a help. 

As I continued through the young man's story, I unlocked clues as I completed each Day until I found out the reason for his nightmares and the intentions of his father. It will surprise you and keep you wanting more until you solve it. Plus, since I would rather you try the game for yourself, I'll leave the ending for you to discover. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this game and would give it a rating of 4 out of 5 Stars. To download a free trial of this hidden object game, visit Doors of the Mind: Inner Mysteries 

Do you enjoy these types of hidden object games? If so, what's your favorite Big Fish game? 

Disclaimer: Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose is an affiliate with Big Fish Games. All content in this review is 100% my own. The new business acquired from this personal review will be paid to this blog in commissions. This game was tried for free and then purchased by Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose and was not given totally for free. All users will have the opportunity to try it for free as well before purchasing the full version with the link provided in review post.

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