Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 3 - Half Way Point in Live #BelowTheLine 2013

I'm at the half way point of the Live Below The Line Challenge for 2013...
When I woke up this morning, I was looking forward to my oatmeal and raisins. Now that it's lunchtime, I'm getting ready to have a bowl of my lentils with onion. I don't know, but today I feel a lot hungrier than usual. I think the challenge is slowly working on my mind. 

On Day 3 of the challenge, it is definitely teaching me even more about self-control and mental discipline because I've ran across some mouth-watering recipes so far on Pinterest and while blogging. However, I know how important this journey is to so many people all over the world and stepping out to live the way they have to live every day is definitely a meaningful challenge for my heart and soul. So, I'm still in it to reach the finish line and to help raise money for the cause I support in the World Food Program USA. Help me raise more money, by donating here:

Interested in an inspiring documentary? Watch on Hulu this week only, Live On One Dollar (2013)!

Synopsis: Zach and Chris, friends of Live Below the Line, spent 56 days in a 

rural Guatemalan village living on a dollar a day. Their inspiring documentary 

is exclusively available on Hulu for Live Below the Line participants to watch 

this week.

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