Thursday, August 16, 2012

#Actors Tidbit: How To Connect with the Room in an Audition (8/9)

On Thursday, August 9th, was my weekly acting muscle workout with Brian Reise Acting Studios, here in Los Angeles, CA, at On this day we talked about and then practiced how to present ourselves when we enter the room to meet producers and other very important people (VIPs) for a costar or guest star role. As an actor, you just can't get out of it. We have to show the decision maker(s) what we have outside of our talents as an actor or actress.

Here are a couple of bullet points I took notes on to share for you:

photo by  christgr

  • You have to be the one who connects with them. They see so many talented actors and actresses a day but what about you will make you stand out from the rest?

  • They ask themselves the questions: "Can they do the job?", "If so, do I want him or her to do the job", and "Do I feel comfortable enough working with them on set for the period of time necessary to get the job done?" (I'm hoping that you and I will get all YESs!)

  • Do you have a personality? I know, you walk into the room and you're thinking about your lines and you forget that you have to be personable to the people who are deciding on whether you are the person for the job. I know, I have been a creature of habit to do this sometimes and now I've learned to always bring out my peoples-person personality. I LOVE meeting people and learning from people, so they want to know what's exciting in your life, if they ask! So, share just one exciting thing you've been up to besides ACTING

  • Be on Time! This is a big one for any profession, but if you can't be on time to your audition, how can you expect them to think that you will be on time to the set. 

  • Your headshot MUST look like you! They are casting from photos and then once you enter the room, it's your time to WOW them with your acting skills and personality! Do you own makeup! When you get to the audition, are you going to have a make up artist there for you too? Think about this. ;)

  • Stay away for the Sir and Ma'am. I know some of my readers, actors and actresses are southern raised and respectable, but it doesn't seem to go off well over here, so it seems. Personally, I was raised to say Yes Sir and No Ma'am, but I know, it's complicated.

  • All of my jewelry lovers. Make sure to tone down the jewelry because it takes away from you. When you get on set, they will be putting on you what they want you to wear and you should come in as a clean canvas. You're beautiful just the way you are ;)

  • Make sure in everything you do, keep things positive! We all have bad days and occurrences in our lives that make us really sad and angry, but leave those moments at the door. Lighten the energy of the room with a positive occurrence in your life and who knows, you may mention something that can help someone in the room have a better day.
Alrighty, my fellow Actors and Aspiring Actors! Have fun!

If you have any comments, leave them in the comment section below. ~Selena

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