Thursday, August 2, 2012

#Actors Tidbit: Stillness & Less is More #OnCamera (8/2)

Today was workout day for my acting muscle with Brian Reise Acting Studios, here in Los Angeles, CA, at Today we covered the importance of being still in the frame of the camera shooting the footage.

I was apart of a 4 person comedic scene for television. We had
 to stand on our marks the entire time and deliver our lines. It was so much fun and I have done this before in my conservatory training, but it was good to do it again. Naturally, I like to speak also with my hands, so what a great reminder workout!

Photo by  christgr

Brian also spoke about the importance of knowing your platform (television or stage) because it makes a HUGE difference as to how you deliver your lines to the script. He mentioned how most shows are meant to be played very simple with not a lot of "school" techniques...directors just want you to "say the lines" that's it! Don't break your back trying to analyze what you should be doing, but keep it simple. Today, you could totally see how everyone's characters really made so much sense, whether it was a comedic scene or a theatrical scene.

Technical Notes:
1. Simple is always better. (I know my actor fam have heard this many times ;)

2. Doing Less IS More.

3. Sometimes, on set, you're not going to even shoot a lot of the script, but 2 1/2 pages or LESS than that!

4. Hold your sides unless they tell you not to like on Network spots.

5. Find a way to like your script...Don't judge your script...the people paying you all the money to perform knows what they are doing!!!!

6. Keep your hands out of your face because the editing process will be a lot less frustrating for consistency shots -- unless told otherwise

7. Before a LIVE studio audience or any platform (stand-up) where the audience is laughing at a line you said, from the script, allow them to laugh and complete that laugh before you continue on with your lines because they want to hear what's next too!

Wow! A lot of writing today, but I hope there is some nuggets in this for my Actor Fam! Hugs and I'll bring you the next update after next week's session! ;) ~Selena

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