Wednesday, August 22, 2012

As #Time Passes by...

Photo by  ilco 

This past weekend, I visited my little niece to celebrate her 2nd birthday! While with her, I found myself writing down my thoughts. Here is what I came up with:

I stood rocking my 2 year old, niece, to sleep watching her fight it until it finally won. I suddenly began to realize how time passes by and no matter how much we try to fight with time, it still wins. 

We come into this life as a child, filled with innocence, folly, and naivety, soaking up everything we hear and see. Until one day as we're playing and feeling the freedoms that dance within our dreams and our conscience, we encounter resistance from outside forces. Some will get knocked down and others will take the resistance as lessons-learned.
Standing there singing little melodies and lullabies to my niece took me back to the way I once was. I was shy, introverted, and eager to learn everything I could. I never imagined that life would be full of tests and emotional ups and downs. However, learning to accept the changes have eased my falls and have allowed for new spaces, within myself, to harbor hope and discovery.
I stood there rocking my niece to sleep, watching her fight the sleep that would ultimately win and knowing that one day there will be more for her to tackle as time passes by.

Questions to ponder:

1. Do you find yourself looking back through your life and reflecting on how much time has passed you by? 

2. How do you feel about the changes that have brought you to where you are today? 

3. Do you remember the time when you were a little girl or boy and how similar and/or different your insights on life were?

4. Write in a journal the accomplishments in your life that have made you very happy and then follow those up with future accomplishments you are still working towards. 

This will help you to measure how influential life has been for you and how powerful action can be even more into your future as time continues to win.

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