Sunday, June 11, 2023

Harvesting Cherries by Hand in the Garden

After failing one year ago, this year I got cherries from my cherry tree! I was on top of everything, watching the tree like a hawk until it was ready to pick my sweet, tangy, delicious, cherries. This year, there was an extended frost in the area which was also an added benefit. I watched the flowers constantly this year once they showed in March and April, hoping for no earwigs or other bugs, and I put down my go-to Bonide Spinosad product. Once the green cherries showed and they started to turn red I had my ultra-fine netting to protect them from the birds and the crows who like to visit the garden daily. I fertilized my cherry tree once in April and then the flowers appeared soon after. In the video below, I show you the results of my cherry harvest. You can do it too!

If you are looking for help on how to get your first cherry tree established and ready to begin its growth journey, I followed this video from a fellow YouTuber, on the MIgardener channel,  who explained how to water it when you first plant it and other tips as well.

Amazon products I use for my cherry tree

Bonide Captain Jack's Bug & Slug Killer Granules, Safe for Pets 

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