Sunday, January 22, 2023

Installing 3D Wall Panels for Kitchen Backsplash #DIYProject

I am installing Smart Profile 3D wall panels for the kitchen backsplash I purchased on Amazon. I saw them and wanted to see how they looked in person and then I purchased more once I realized that they were going to be just what I was looking for to add some character to the kitchen. They can be easily cut or trimmed with scissors or a razor blade and I applied my panels to the wall using Liquid Nails. I completed this DIY project in one day over the weekend and I love it! It feels like a whole new kitchen. These 3D wall panels can be wiped clean and have a lifted texture to them, so it's not like wallpaper. They recommend using PVC-friendly glue to apply them. Many other customers who purchased them appear to be using the panels as an accent wall, around a fireplace, or to add character to a small guest bathroom, the ideas for this product are endless, but it's only for internal use, not outdoor use. They are available in other colors as well, sold in bundles. Overall, I used 8 panels for my kitchen backsplash and one and a half tubes of Liquid Nails. 

Products I used for this product can be found on Amazon, links below:

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