Monday, January 16, 2023

Updating the Kitchen: Painting the Kitchen Walls #DIYProject

I am starting to update the kitchen by painting the kitchen walls. I decided to go with the same color I painted an accent wall in the living room called 'Divine Wine.' I really like the richness of the color and it elevates the room to a more classic look. If you're into gold tones, then this is a great color to use with for an elegant touch. I taped off my areas with blue tape and used Behr paint from my local hardware store. I went with more of a flat paint with no sheen. I used two coats on the walls in the kitchen. In this video, I show the main wall I painted, but I did also paint behind the refrigerator and the stove, but I didn't want to bore you with those other The color turned out great for my kitchen as well and now I am looking forward to updating the backsplash next, stay tuned!

Here are some helpful resources for renovating your kitchen or doing kitchen upgrades.

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