Saturday, June 3, 2017

VLOG: Gunther von Hagens Plastination BODY WORLDS Pulse 2017 Exhibition at California Science Center

Selena Thinking Out Loud recently attended the Gunther von Hagens Plastination BODY WORLDS Pulse Exhibition. It is currently open at the California Science Center in Los Angeles through February 2018. In the following video blog below, I share my personal experience walking through the exhibit. 

I really enjoyed this exhibition and learning more about my body through men and women who donated their body's to the plastination process. The exhibition touches on many aspects of the human body, from the respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous system, and other systems of the body.

I liked that there were many preventive health stations throughout the exhibit. There was information on how to avoid back pain by lifting with your knees and not your back. 

They covered information on Dementia and how it can develop into Alzheimer's disease, which is currently incurable. They shared coping factors when a loved one has dementia.

They had a blood pressure monitor set up for guests to get readings of their blood pressure, how to properly use the monitor, and the recommended systolic and diastolic ranges.

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It was a jaw-dropping experience each time I saw a human body sculpted into a particular active pose. Our muscles, nerves, cartilage, organs, are shown working together to keep us moving, stable, and alive. 

Would you donate your body to plastination to help others learn more about their human body? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Smoking was an eye-opening display for many guests. I overheard guests sharing their personal stories about their addiction to smoking. Some stopped when they realized the affects it was having on their bodies and others had a wake up call when they saw how black the lungs really get from smoking many cigarettes to smoking overtime.

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Plastination of a healthy lung.

Plastination of a smoker's lung.

They also shared facts about 2nd Hand Smoke and the affects it can have on others.

Have you heard the saying,"You are what you eat"? They did a nice job of comparing what a typical 1 Week of Food would look like for a family in different parts of the world. There was a lot of fast food, fatty foods, in the U.S., pictured below compared to a family in Mexico. This was very interesting and eye-opening. There were other families pictured, from Canada, Australia, Italy, and Japan, in my video blog above.

At the very end of the Gunther von Hagens plastination BODY WORLDS Pulse Exhibition there was a 'Before I die' hands-on activity. Guests could write down their answers to the following questions and clip them on a beautifully-constructed web (shown in the video blog above).  
  • what they wanted to do before they died
  • what dream have they deferred because of life or by choice
  • what would they do if they weren't afraid to achieve that dream

By the time I finished walking through this exhibit, I was glad that I vlogged about my experience to share with you. The exhibit also reminded me to cherish my body, care for it, feed it good foods and water, and that the aging process is inevitable but can be a beautiful journey just as the process of life. I highly recommend this exhibition and if it comes into your neck of the woods, check it out. 

There were many families walking through the exhibit with their young children. Some children were just as fascinated as the adults but there were a few who wanted to leave too :) 

Well, until our next outing, I'm wishing you peace, love, and good health!

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