Friday, April 28, 2017

#Vlog: Smith Farms Strawberry Festival on Earth Day 2017

Selena Thinking Out Loud ventured out into nature on Earth Day 2017! I went to the first Smith Farms Strawberry Festival in Fountain Valley, CA. My video blog is below. There were family-friendly games, a petting zoo, ice cream with strawberry topping, a farmer's market, and you were given a small basket for picking your own strawberries from their fields. 

Strawberries I Picked at the Strawberry Festival, photo taken by Selena Brown

If felt really good to pick my own strawberries and see them close-up hanging from the vines. They smelled so sweet. I could see the bees flying by, pollinating the plants. There were more vegetables being grown on this small farm and everything was organic too. 

What did you do on Earth Day 2017? Leave your comments below.

A while ago, I watched a documentary on the Space Station. One of the astronauts said that they pretty much work in a capsule but if you look at things, our Earth is a much larger capsule holding us all. What a clever way of thinking about it! 

In that case we must take care of our Earth and protect it. Mother Earth is indeed more in control then some of us think ;)

Have a nice weekend,

Selena B. 

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