Thursday, February 23, 2017

#VLOG: New Farm Fresh to You Delivery! #California #OrganicProduce

Early this morning I received a new delivery of Farm Fresh to You organic produce. I was SO happy to see those boxes because I had eaten all of my fruits and vegetables this go-round. I get my boxes delivered every other week because I normally have some vegetables left in my freezer. However, this time I included lots more vegetables in my meals so they went a lot quicker. I'm not mad about that at!

This week, I received some produce that I have never tried before. Since getting these boxes I am more curious to try new vegetables and I am finding that they all have been tasty too! I would have surely passed some vegetables up in the grocery store if they were not recommended to me on the Farm Fresh to You website. While customizing my boxes last week, I also added some Medjool dates from their a la carte section and those dates were DELICIOUS! I have been eating those like candy. I'm going to see about making a vegan dessert with them too over the weekend.

Here's a look inside my Farm Fresh to You organic produce boxes. I have been receiving this service for 1 year now, if I'm not mistaken. Time sure does fly by. 

If you live in California, you can get $15 Off your first box with coupon code: SELE8487 
Plug it in at checkout and then after you receive your first box of produce, they will apply the $15 discount to your order on that Sunday, when they process your payment. 

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If you decide to give them a try, share your experience in the comments below. Enjoy!

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