Sunday, February 26, 2017

#Sunday | Time With God Episode 36: Step by Step with God #JesusCalling #LeadTheWayGod

Sometimes it may seem a bit outlandish to think that a spirit such as God exists and wants to be our provider, protector, confidant, and healing Power. However, God gives us SO many examples in His Bible, His Word, to show how much he loves us and wants to lead us step by step throughout our day and lifetime here on earth. 

We have a beginning when we were born and we have an end when we die. In the middle there is the dash, where we spend most of our time on our own journey in this life. God wants us to include Him in our dash. He wants to lead us to our purpose and use us to bless other and uplift others in His name. Since we have all of the time where the dash sits, then we might as well use it wisely and give God a shot at leading the way on our personal journey while we're still here.

In this Story Time Sunday, Time with God, Episode 36, we learn how God will be there to lead us step by step. I am continuing to read from the daily devotional, Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence  for February 26, 2017. The video below breaks down the daily devotional for today.

The scriptures mentioned today are below. You can follow along with your bible or bible app.

♥ Deuteronomy 29:29
♥ Psalm 32:8

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