Thursday, February 16, 2017

Volunteering on Valentines Day 2017 with #BagsofLuv #FeedTheHomeless #LosAngeles

I felt SO fulfilled on my Valentines Day this year. I decided to volunteer with #bagsofluv to feed the homeless. I hadn't done it in a while so I felt led to do it this time. I saw the post on Facebook and decided to jump in and help support the idea and cause. 

I purchased items from the grocery store to make sandwiches and I purchased chocolates as well to help fill the bags. I was able to make 24 sandwiches! We ended up preparing 100 bags with sandwiches, a cookie, chocolate, and bottled water. There were 100 more bags for personal care items for men and women. The personal care items were donated and other people donated food to the cause even if they could not volunteer to pass out the bags themselves on the streets of Los Angeles, Ca. It was a blessing how we all came together in less than 1 week to make this Bags of Luv campaign a success!

Here's a video blog of my experience, volunteering with Bags of Luv in LA, below:

This goes to show that 'We The People' can create the change that we want to see. It all begins with an idea, thought, or inspiration, and then the will to take action and follow-through. All of the pieces will fall in place as they should!!

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