Friday, January 13, 2017

#Vlog: Went to See Interactive! The Exhibition at the Ronald Reagan Library #BlastfromthePast

Recently, I decided to drive up to Simi Valley, CA to attend Interactive! The Exhibition at The Ronald Reagan Library and Museum. It started off as a rainy morning but once I parked my car and started to head into the library, the sun peaked out from the clouds. That was pretty nice to see. It was a busy day and many people had the same idea as me, to come, spend the day, doing some interactive, hands-on, fun, activities. I had the opportunity to vlog many of my experiences while at the exhibition but there was SO much more to do and see, that I couldn't capture every single thing. So, if you're looking for something that all ages will enjoy, I recommend attending Interactive! The Exhibition while it's still at The Ronald Reagan Library and Museum. Here's all the information on the website and I highly recommend that you pre-purchase your tickets before going. They sell out fast for different time slots to enter the exhibition!

I also walked through the Ronald Reagan Library and Museum after the exhibition and that was even more eye-opening and enjoyable. You'll definitely want to get lunch while you're there too. I was hungry after seeing and doing everything. Here's some additional pics of what other things you can do...walk aboard the Airforce One that President Ronald Reagan used, the helicopter, and more!

Get Out and Have Some Fun!

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