Friday, January 27, 2017

This or That? Revlon UnTamed or UnInhibited #NailPolish Colors and #Review

Let's play, "This or That?" How can a lady decide! I picked up two new Revlon nail polishes while shopping at Walmart because I think I was a bit bored, when it came to wanting to polish my nails. However, when I saw the nail polish aisle in Walmart, I immediately started to perk up and saw that Revlon made nail polishes too! I may be late with this discovery but I just had to try some of the colors. 

Since it's still "winter", I decided to buy a dark color with gold confetti called "UnTamed".

I also picked up a reddish-orange, copper, color, called UnInhibited.

REVLON UnInhibited 
Now, I don't know which one I want to wear this weekend!! So...I decided to ask for some help from You! Which color should I use for this weekend...This (UnTamed) or That (UnInhibited)? Let me know in the comments below this video. Thank you!!

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