Sunday, October 2, 2016

Story Time #Sunday | Time With God Ep15: How To Pray #BibleDiscussion #HowToPray

Prayer is a very special time spent with God. When we come to Him with humility and thanksgiving, he receives us. We may share with God things in our lives that we could never share with friends and family. However, that's alright because God knows all things and desires to have quality time with us in prayer. 

On the other hand, some may not know How to Pray, so that's why I felt led to share more about this, in this week's Story Time Sunday, Time With God, Episode 15.

The Scriptures mentioned in the video are listed below, for you to reference in your own Bible or Bible app.

♥ Luke 6: 12; Luke 18: 9-14
♥ 2 Chronicles 7: 14
♥ Matthew 6: 5-13

The Bible I Use: Women of Faith NIV Study Bible

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If you pray, how has it affected your life? If you have never tried playing, give it a try this week and share your first-time experience below.

♥ Have a blessed week!

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