Friday, October 28, 2016

#DIY Sugar Facial Scrub for Moisturizing and Brightening Review #FridayFacial #SpaDayatHome

Selena Thinking Out Loud invites you to join in on this Friday Facial, hosted by Glamour Guru on YouTube! 

It's a 'Spa Day with Nae' and I have been enjoying watching her reviews of other facial products and decided that this DIY Sugar Facial Scrub was one to try for myself. She shared all of the ingredients for the DIY Sugar Scrub and walks you through how she does it too. I followed her DIY recipe but used Brown Sugar instead of white sugar and no honey since I'm now vegan, but you have options with this DIY recipe.

Watch Glamour Guru's demonstration of the DIY Sugar Facial Scrub on YouTube. 

My Video Review Response to the DIY Sugar Facial Scrub is below...

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