Thursday, October 20, 2016

Colourpop Mini Ultra #MatteLipsticks Review and Swatches #Vlog

Selena Thinking Out Loud reviews Colourpop Mini Ultra Matte Lipsticks! It was a first for me, when I ordered these mini lipsticks from Colourpop. I heard a lot of good things about their makeup so I wanted to see for myself. In the video blog below, I share my personal experience, so this review has 100% of my own opinions

Lipsticks and lip glosses look different on different skin tones, so I didn't want to commit to the larger tubes without trying as many as I could. So I went with their FOXY Mini Matte Lipsticks pack. They were reasonably priced and arrived to my door in 3 days. 

Some colors surprised me and others I would only wear sometimes, or on special occasions. I found that the matte lipsticks dried rather quickly and stayed on pretty well even after eating lunch. I didn't put too much of the product on my lips at one time, so I didn't mind touching up my lips if I had to. I used a makeup remover pad to get the lipsticks off and they all did very well. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and would look to getting more brownish lipstick shades next time.

Here's a look at the different colors swatched on my wrist.

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