Wednesday, June 6, 2012

There Are No Mistakes

"There are no mistakes."

Recently, I read an article, in U.S. News, about the first doctor to treat President Abraham Lincoln after he was shot by Booth. Dr. Charles Leale, a 23-year-old army surgeon, did not disclose this information publicly until 44 years later after the assassination at Ford's Theater. However, now there is a discovered report of his full account just hours after the president died the following morning.

Did you know that Dr. Leale and Booth were in the same place at the same time during President Lincoln's speech to a crowd celebrating the surrender of Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia? 

They say that's where Booth made his final decision to kill the president. (Read Full Article)

Photo by ralev_com
What makes this story so interesting to me, in present day, is how freely we move throughout our lives. We have no idea why we meet certain strangers who may or may not become our friends, why we experience unexpected delays or choose to dine at the places we do on a particular day.

Yes, we may move with intention but there is a greater purpose for it all. Just as the six-week old, Dr. Leale, attended the same performance as the president to be the first aid on scene, we are positioned where we are, in this moment, to fulfill our purpose.

Remember, there are no mistakes. Take some time today to notice your surroundings. Sit patiently in your car during traffic jams and be grateful that you may have avoided a real emergency and was protected from it. 

Be relieved by the pink slip that haunts us all unexpectedly to know that there is something greater that you are called to do. Embrace it!

Know that there are no mistakes in this life because this life is truly a mystery that none of us really understand but think we do.

Share your experiences with me. 

*Have you ever felt that you were in the right place at the right time? 

*Have you wondered why the events of your day didn't quite go as you had planned? 

Share. I would love to read them. Be inspired.

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