Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Sacrifice Necessary to Win

Last night, while watching the NBA Finals game between the Heat and OKC, I began to go into this deep thought. I started to think about how much sacrifice these men make to be at the top of their game as professional players. For most of them, they find themselves away from home and the only way for their families to stay connected is by watching the television set. 

I believe at times, it must feel like thorns piercing their bodies when they are attacked by their loved ones who don't quite understand the Big Picture.

hard choice 1

As I continued into an even deeper level of thought, I realized personally, how much of a sacrifice I must make for my dreams, goals, or better yet, future. Sometimes it takes a lot of hours, sweat and tears, ups and downs, delays and rejections, before you finally reach a level where you can take a breather. The sacrifice of play for work becomes necessary in your minds eye. It becomes your only way of reaching your purpose.

The sacrifice necessary to win is great.
             It is only pursued by a few. 
Are you a part of that few?

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