Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Chance Encounter with a Furry Dog

Photo by sue_r_b

This is a cute little story:

Last night, I was coming home from celebrating my birthday and took a little street, I sometimes don't take, but tonight decided it would be closer. As I was approaching, I saw this little fury dog in the middle of the street (it looked exactly like the one in the picture above). There were cars driving right by it and didn't stop! I then saw a young boy, about 14 yrs old with his bike, sitting on the sidewalk looking at it. 

Suddenly, I shouted out, "Are you two okay?". He said, "This dog is in the street and I don't know who it belongs to and it runs away when I try to approach it". I said, well, let's see what we can do. I pulled over and walked over to the little dog. She looked up at me as if she was expecting me to come to save her! We both did a happy dance! What a chance encounter, right? Remember, there are no mistakes.

So...the boy didn't want to go home and leave her and he didn't know what to do. I saw that she had a little blue tag, which is also used for identification now via a chip and told him that I would drive her to the Shelter on Plummer St, about 5 minutes or so, from my house. She was so good in the car and sat right next to me. She was all spread out looking up at me drive. I was telling her that it was going to be okay because we would get her back home. 

When I got her to the Shelter, I found out that the little dog had been there before for licensing and they had the owner's phone number and everything. 

So...I'm calling on tomorrow to see if the owners came by to pick her up. It would give me a peace of mind. 

Tip: Make sure your pet has up-to-date, identification tags on it or get the chip from the shelter because you never know how your little furry friend can get away from you!

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