Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Planting Garlic From Cloves in Pots #Gardening

At the end of December, I planted garlic from cloves in pots. I purchased my garlic from the organic section of the grocery store. Since I saw that a number of other gardeners were having success growing garlic from cloves, I wanted to try this method. As a second-year gardener here in 2022, I am attempting to grow more and more vegetables and add new varieties as well. I planted the organic cloves of garlic on New Year's Eve in some amended soil with worm castings. I had to hurry because it takes about six months or more for the garlic to mature and have enough chill hours (4-8 weeks) from the weather. I spaced all of the cloves to be about four inches apart and an inch or so deep in my pot. Some also went into my raised bed. I followed the recommendation to add one to two inches of mulch (I used straw), which will keep the moisture in after watering them in thoroughly. After a couple of weeks in January, the garlic started to show signs of life. I was seriously shocked because at first, I thought weed seeds blew in the pot because we get so much wind during the colder months here in my part of Southern California. However, luckily, the foilage was from the garlic cloves. In the video, I will take you through the process of planting garlic from cloves in pots and then show you my update from the end of January, so it's been a full month of growth. I will keep you posted on my garlic harvest in June or the beginning of July. Stay tuned...

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