Saturday, February 19, 2022

How To Do Inspire Diagnostics At Home Health Test for #Cruise Travel

I recently took a 3-day cruise aboard Carnival Radiance from Long Beach, CA, to relax and recharge before I start my new career journey. My last cruise vacation was before the Covid-19 outbreak. First, I had to get tested for Covid-19 before my embarkation date in order to board the ship. On Carnival's website, here, they provide Vaccinated Voyages information and great details on how they are providing assistance to all guests. As of this blog post, you can get tested on your departure date at the port or at home within 24-48 hours before your embarkation date. The rules are constantly changing, with the cruise lines following CDC guidance, so make sure to look over their website for new options for vaccinated and unvaccinated guests. After reviewing their website, I decided to take the

Inspire Diagnostics At-Home Health Test, which can be purchased online, then I scheduled my testing date and time. This test is approved by the CDC for emergency use and is approved by Carnival because it is a proctored test. Zoom was used to connect with an authorized individual from the Inspire team. The process can be completed in 20 mins or less. This option is available to fully vaccinated guests. Now, Carnival is providing Covid-19 testing at port for a minimal fee to vaccinated guests, sailing for shorter cruise dates, and testing to all other customers at another price point. In the video below, I will walk you through the entire process of purchasing your at-home test for your cruise and taking the Covid-19 test LIVE with an Inspire Diagnostics representative.

I have included timecodes below to help you sort through the video information if you would like to see a particular section of the video.

Timecodes for this video can be clicked from the description of this video if you watch from my YouTube channel. However, if watching from my blog, scan through the video to these times below to get to where you want to see a specific portion of the video.

0:00 Intro

0:35 Purchasing and Scheduling the Inspire Diagnostics Test

5:09 A Look Inside the Inspire Diagnostics Box

5:36 Taking the Proctored Inspire Diagnostics Covid Test via Zoom Call

9:02 My Review of the Proctored Test Experience

9:41 Results of my Inspire Diagnostics Covid Test

10:11 How to Retrieve Your Inspire Diagnostic Test Results for Printing or Downloading

11:50 Conclusion/Outro

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