Sunday, January 23, 2022

Henry 209xr Extreme Rubberized Wet Patch | Roof Leak Repair #ProductReview

The A/C repair guy came out to check the unit on the roof because I noticed some moisture on the ceiling in the living room, not much, but I wanted to get ahead of any possible problem coming from the roof to the attic. He came out and said that everything looked good with the A/C unit itself, but I should patch any cracks from when the unit was installed because water can enter through the cracks when it rains. The wind is brutal and most likely contributed to the shifting of the A/C unit. The house has a brand new roof so that wasn't the problem so I was happy about that. The A/C guy said that this was an easy fix and recommended Henry's roof repair products so I thought I would do some research and give it a try to fill in any cracks. The A/C guy could've done the work but he recommended that I do it since it is an inexpensive repair. In this video, I show you the product I chose, how to apply it, and my overall opinion of this product. 

Update: A couple days after filming this video review, there was a heavy rainstorm and this product really held up. I didn't see or feel any moisture coming from the attic and everything is sealed in nicely. It's easy to apply and durable enough to be applied on a wet surface or in the pouring rain. 

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