Monday, November 20, 2017

Give Up Control and Trust God's Final Outcome | #Sunday Story Time #VLOG Episode 73

Happy Monday! I know, you read that right...I am sharing with you Sunday's Story Time With God, Episode 73, a bit later than usual. We will learn in this week's Jesus Calling devotional message that we should give up control and trust that God will lead us to the best outcome. I like to practice what I "preach" so-to-speak, and this was a great example of trusting that God would work things out. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you to trust God in your own situations, circumstances, and plans. He'll never steer you wrong and there's no guessing required when you free-fall with Him over your shoulder.

Let Go image by Geralt.

The daily devotional message is being read from Jesus Calling for November 19, 2017. Follow along with me in the video below and grab your bible or bible app as well. 

These are the Bible scriptures that help us even more to understand this message:

♥ Psalm 27:13-14
♥ Exodus 15:13

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