Sunday, November 12, 2017

Vegan Cuts Snack Box Unboxing for October 2017

Hello! I decided to subscribe to Vegan Cuts monthly snack box to try some new products. I have been popping popcorn kernels in a pot for a while now and wanted to switch things up and add some variety! LOL! I also wanted to learn about other snack brands that offered vegan goodies so that I could share them with you! Yay!

In my first snack box, received in October, there were approximately 10 or so different snacks, including beverages also. Some brands gave away coupons too. There were a lot of new brands that I had not heard of yet. I am definitely going to continue to purchase some of the snacks again because they were really tasty. Only a few snacks did not compliment my palate. 

I heard about Vegan Cuts a couple of years ago and joined their mailing list to stay informed about their offerings. I heard them mentioned by different vegan YouTubers back then. However, it took me some time to come around to see the value of a snack subscription box and to try it out for myself. I guess because I currently subscribe to an organic produce delivery service, that influenced my decision to try Vegan Cuts too. 

I went to their website and created a free log in account. The ordering of the box was also very easy, to choose and set up my monthly subscription. There were other options for setting up your subscription throughout the year depending on your preference. Vegan Cuts also offers a vegan-friendly make up and beauty box, but I wanted to start with the snack box to see how things worked out. I was a little confused about where to find my invoices after ordering but I tapped around a little bit and realized that they were under 'subscription boxes' and not order history, which is for shop-item purchases.

Speaking of shop items, you can purchase boxes separately for the holidays, birthdays and for gifting throughout the year. I liked that a lot.

In the following video, I share with you all of the contents of my first Vegan Cuts October snack box. This will give you a better idea of what you can expect and to learn more about the vegan-friendly brands as well.

Disclaimer: This unboxing of the October Vegan Cuts snack box is 100% from my own opinions. I purchased this month's subscription box for my own personal use. Your experience may vary.

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