Friday, March 10, 2017

Some of My New #Grocery Favorites!

I enjoy cooking at home rather than going out to eat a lot. The food tastes even more flavorful and I love the aroma of the herbs and spices. Last month, I was shopping at Walmart and found some new grocery favorites that I am still using this month. So I thought that I would share them with you. 

Being a vegan, I eat a lot of rice and grains along with my fruits and vegetables. So, I have two brands of rice that I am really enjoying. I have used them in my bean loaf, a homemade pot pie, and with some Savoy Cabbage wraps. They cook up fast and compliment my meals.

Minute Multi-Grain Medley (Brown rice, Red rice, Wild rice, and Quinoa)

Uncle Ben's Basmati Rice (10 Min rice)

I have also added two more grocery items to my favorites list and those are below.

Krusteaz Pie Crust

Wholesome Organic Pancake Syrup

In the video below, here's a look at the items up close, while on my Walmart shopping trip today. 

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