Sunday, November 27, 2016

#Sunday Time With God Episode 23: David and Goliath #BibleStory

In this Sunday Time With God Episode 23, we will learn about the Bible Story of David and Goliath, but also how God uses David once he prunes him into the boy that he needed him to be. 

David didn't realize that his time in Bethlehem, tending to his father's (Jesse) sheep and protecting them, would lead to saving his people of Israel. God had to work on David's character, his level of Faith, develop his Trust, and make sure that when times got difficult that he knew who to turn to in Prayer. He did all this when David was just a boy! If God can prune a child into a young man of God, how much do you think He desires to do the same for us? 

When we feel like we are the underdog going into a situation, God wants us to know that He is willing and able to lead us. God wants to lead us to the resolutions we seek, to the solution that will not only benefit us but those around us, showing learning examples of His Grace and Mercy.

In the following video, I go into more detail surrounding this story of David:

Use your Bible or a Bible app, to follow along with the scriptures mentioned in the video.

♥ 1 Samuel 17

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