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Renewal "Anytime" 10 Day Detox #BookReview Vlogs and Amazon Gift Cards/Paypal Cash #Giveaway! Open WW. Ends 09.27.15

Selena Thinking Out Loud had the opportunity to review and experience a 10 day detox following the guidelines in a book by Lisa Consiglio Ryan called, Renewal "Anytime" 10 Day Detox, Lose Weight with Over 50 Recipes and Complete Detox Plan

First Impressions Before Starting Detox
This was the very first detox that I had ever done. I have ran across SO many YouTube videos, articles online, and even heard about some odd ways that people detox their bodies, from radio commercials. This all made me wonder if this was healthy and mattered at all. Before experiencing the detox in Lisa's book, I thought that I would have to deprive myself of food and only drink juices. Plus, already being a vegetarian, I didn't know if I would gain any benefit from doing a detox. However, I was open to the experience because at times I would get bored with my food choices, eating the same foods all the time. I know, there are so many recipes on the internet, but with daily work obligations and unexpected deadlines, I didn't want to make the time to research new menu options that would fit into my meal prep time and weekly schedule. That's another reason why I thought that I would give this detox a try, to challenge myself, to step outside of the box, to revitalize my insides and broaden my weekly meal options. By joining this detox with other wonderful bloggers, I also felt that I would be on this 10 day journey with a community.

My Book Review and 10 Days of Vlogs for Detox

My Book Review
When you venture through the first couple of pages, you will learn more about Lisa's down-to-earth personality as she explains the 10 day detox experience. Her passion for this book's subject matter shined through and made me want to continue on and see what the 10 day detox was all about. She didn't try to force me into doing the detox as the reader, but informed me of the benefits of the detox, on my body. She explained how this detox could re-balance and provide a "clean living jumpstart". Although, I am a vegetarian, I still like kettle potato chips and french fries, so I could use a re-balance too. By the way, I did follow this 10 day detox using my iBook app on my IPhone. I do recommend that if there is no hardcopy available, that you use an IPad, or eReader device that you can easily maneuver, while working in the kitchen without interruptions. Sometimes, I would be following a recipe and then suddenly I would get a phone call, so I was doing a lot of bouncing back and forth.

Preparing My Body for the 10 Day Detox
The layout of the instructions for this detox was great. I liked how the steps for preparing for the detox were numbered and the high points were bold. It was easier on the eyes and I knew what was most important. She also had a section for preparing your family and friends for your detox journey. The question and answer section covered some of the concerns I might have had while doing the detox. Since there would be no sugars, caffeine, processed foods, gluten, alcohol, soy, or dairy, the readers would have to start weaning off of these things. I enjoy a midday green tea, but it has its caffeine too, so I stopped drinking that a week before this detox. I was also surprised by no soy, but didn't purchase anymore soy milk or soy foods as well.

The Daily Instructions section was also numbered and bold, so that I could easily see what needed to be done every day. The lemon water was refreshing each morning and the 1 Tbsp of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar was something new for me, but I still do them even now after the detox. She talks about giving yourself 10 minutes of quiet time and provided a breathing routine while in that time. The time flew by pretty fast and I just set a timer so that I would do the full 10 minutes (you could break this up according to your day). She also share 'Dry Brushing' before showering, journaling your experiences, and suggested supplements, like multivitamin, etc.

Grocery Shopping and Doing the Detox
Now, the fun part, planning your grocery visit for the 10 Day Menu. I decided to get everything on the shopping list in one trip. However, I would highly recommend that you go in at least two trips because I noticed that my fresh produce was wilting and beginning to go bad after day 3-4, so I was washing it and freezing it for the upcoming recipes. She also recommended getting as much organic produce as possible, within your budget. 

If I did this detox again, I would only purchase enough produce for Day 1 - 5, which she also shares as an option to do. Then I would go back to the supermarket and shop for Day 6 - 10. The 10 Day menu is set up so that you will have a variety of meals for Day 1 - 5 and repeat those same recipes for Day 6 - 10. She says that she recommends this for digestion purposes, budgeting your shopping, and some other reasons inside her book. She does have supplemental lunch and dinner recipes that you can use instead, for Days 6 - 10. I discovered some really AMAZING new dishes, great flavors, cooking with cilantro, parsley, and arugula. I also tried two of the supplemental recipes in Day 6 - 10. Some of my favorite recipes on the original detox menu were the Watercress Salad, Lucky Soup, Sweet Potato Salad, Asparagus Soup, Black Bean Chili, and Baked Butternut Squash with Almonds. I know, pretty much all of them!! For breakfast, I never had oranges and mango together, with a banana-coconut sauce on top. What a nice pick-me-up morning breakfast! There were Smoothie recipes and if you Juice fresh veggies and fruits, recipes for that also on the 10 day detox menu. She does add in a Mid-Morning and Mid-Afternoon snack, but I was still full from the breakfast and lunches that I couldn't eat anymore until dinner. You are fully satisfied during this detox. She does recommend eating every 3 hours and only eating to 80% full. During the detox I did not have headaches or feel nauseous, which was a plus too. 

Post-Cleanse Instructions and My Reflections
Lisa even provides "Return to Life" Post-Cleanse Instructions. She explains that we are not perfect and it's okay to live a 80/20 lifestyle. The 80% is the healthy living and eating and the 20% is for the glass of wine, coffee, or cake. If you would like to, she gives advice on how and when to re-incorporate animal proteins, caffeine, soy, dairy, etc., into your eating habits. Personally, I was sad that the 10 day detox was over. I had conquered the challenge, which was a plus, but it was bittersweet to see it end. My life had been exposed to some amazing vegan dishes, I felt revitalized, I even had a stronger intuition. I didn't know that vegan recipes and others alike, could be so filling and satisfying. I felt like I was losing something, but in reality, I was re-balanced, and on a journey of new discovery and wholesome living. I could continue eating this way and exploring even more of her recipes in the Bonus section of her book. She has a recipe for Tangy Banana Ice Cream that I am dying to try, that has no dairy at all!! I have a big sweet tooth at times, so this is a great alternative and the Raw Chocolate Pudding looks like a winner too. 

Video Logs of 10 Day Detox
In addition, during this detox, I did Video Blogs every single day, because I wanted to really commit to doing it. I felt that if I logged my daily experiences, each day, that I had to be accountable. It would also give other people an idea of how I worked this 10 day detox into my weekly schedule and life happenings, so that they could give it a try. Those video blogs are being added once every day this week and can be watched here on Selena Thinking Out Loud, below (Click the three-lined symbol in the upper-left corner of the video below for all uploaded vlog episodes), or on my blog's YOUTUBE Channel Playlist.

In conclusion, I had a very delightful, first-time, detox, experience. The book was easy to follow and a quick read. I am going on vacation in a couple of weeks, so I will be ready for more revitalization and when I get back, I will be doing the detox again, just in case I have too many goodies! As for now, I have continued to prepare Lisa's recipes, my favorites, for my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I will also look for others online now. It has been a great new beginning for me with food! 

Learn More About the Author and Give it a Try

Lose weight, energize, and glow with over 50 recipes and complete 10 day detox plan. This whole foods cleanse includes detailed menu plan, shopping list, and bonus recipes to make after your cleanse. Renewal "Anytime" also includes pre-detox plan, daily instructions, FAQ's, and post-detox next steps.

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Welcome!   Are you ready to get your detox on? 

I have so many exciting things in store for you.

If you need a quick pick-me-up after vacation or a binge weekend, Renewal “Anytime” is a perfect body reboot. You can also use this detox if you need to look amazing fast for a wedding, reunion, or big event.

Before you embark on your detox journey, I want to talk about the word BALANCE.

Ahhhh, balance. 

You are told to strive for balance in your life. In my opinion, that’s pretty difficult to accomplish. There are so many outside sources that can get you out of whack with life: new job, moving, marriage, trips, environmental toxins…the list is endless.

You can’t control every single thing in your life. You can, however, control what you put into your body and how you deal with stress. 

That’s why I developed the Renewal “Anytime” 10 Day Detox. Think of this plan as a clean living jumpstart. You will start with eating clean, whole foods. You will also incorporate exercise, breathing and even dry brushing and massage.

Let’s call it a RE-BALANCE. 

Your body is always striving for balance to keep you in optimum health, physically, mentally and emotionally. Even things like the changing seasons, nature and being around other people can move you away from the balance your body craves.

Physically, your blood needs to be at a pH level of 7.365. Have you ever heard of acidity and alkalinity? Maybe in a biology class way back? I don’t want to go into a big science lesson. What I first want you to know is something extremely important—your body loves you. Your body works hard to keep you alive.

With that love in mind, it is valuable to know that your body becomes more acidic over time due to consuming a lot of caffeine, sugar and processed foods, as well as exposure to environmental toxins like pesticides, and most of all stress. The acidity leads to inflammation.

Inflammation leads to chronic disease. 

Not good. We don’t want any of that. Doing a gentle cleanse is a great way to re-balance your body by pumping in alkaline foods such as dark leafy greens, veggies and fruits and taking some “me” time.

Managing stress is also a way to help your body re-balance. Try yoga, meditation or breathing exercises over the next 10 days. Or, even easier, while eating your lunch, try sitting still for 5 minutes without the TV on, texting or reading a magazine. Your body is striving for balance so make sure to participate in activities that are relaxing and soulful; alkaline activities.

While your body is working to keep you healthy make sure to get a re-balance once in awhile to help her out. You can reuse this plan after your cleanse. Use the recipes and tips to give your body a reboot each season or when you feel out of whack. Remember that having perfect balance isn’t really doable, but you can get pretty darn close by following the steps in this plan.

I’m so excited to be on this wellness journey with you. Have an amazing detox experience and keep in mind this is not about perfection but about getting a chance to RE-BALANCE.

With love,
Lisa x

Renewal “Anytime” Detox…How It Works Renewal “Anytime” Detox is for 10 days…10 days of discovering new things about your body. How glorious!

Here’s how it works: 
  • Read this entire book, cover to cover, before you head to the grocery store. 
  • Check your pantry. Do you have leftover quinoa or a spices that can be used for the cleanse? 
  • Don’t go and buy extra items. Stick to the list, especially if you have a budget. You might have some of the ingredients hanging out in your cupboard or fridge. *Most items can be found at a natural food store. Just ask anyone in the produce section or bulk section for items you are looking for. Don’t take a lot of time searching for items. Ask for help. *I like to buy my grains like quinoa in the bulk section of the grocery store; saves me a little cash plus I can get the right amount I need for a recipe. 
  • Make sure to follow the Daily Practices such as breathing and dry brushing so you have an overall holistic experience with your detox. 
  • Journal during your cleanse to jot down feelings, observations, etc… This is a nice way to get to know your body better and make that body-mind connection even stronger. 
  • Use the “Return to Life” section of this book to ease back after detox. Make sure to focus on what foods you don’t need or just want to introduce slowly. This packet can guide you towards a plan afterwards. As you know, each person is uniquely different, so customize your next steps per your body, schedule, and lifestyle. 
  • Use the BONUS recipes after your detox to keep the glow going. These recipes will also help you ease back into “regular life” without shocking your system.
About the Author

Lisa Consiglio Ryan is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and founder of Whole Health Designs.  She is also a mom, triathlete, yoga lover and green juice drinker.

After spending years struggling with a growing arsenal of health-destroying conditions that ranged from fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, candida and rosacea to cystitis and tons of allergies, she decided to turn to nutrition and lifestyle to reclaim her health. Then pursuing her education with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she turned her personal quest into her vocation with the launch of Whole Health Designs. Lisa provides seasonal detox programs, meal planning and private coaching for those who desire to embrace “clean living. “ She also provides juice cleanses to local clients and leads wellness retreats in Costa Rica.

As a nationally acclaimed wellness expert, Lisa has worked with thousands in her Renewal 10 Day Detox programs. Her work has been featured in Fox45 News, Fitness Magazine, TinyBuddha, Elephant Journal, Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Life , Good Life Project, The Daily Meal, and Mind Body Green. She is also the author of her new book, Go Clean, Sexy You: Your Seasonal Detox and Clean Eating Guide will be available late 2015.

"My personal mission is to spread the word~ FOOD IS LOVE. The more whole, REAL foods we eat, the more REAL we become. Imagine how we can change the world by transitioning to the clean life together. I would love you to join me!"

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Recipes to try!

Bean, Pea, and Leek Soup


1 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
1 large leek (white and light green parts only), thinly sliced
1 tsp. chopped mint
1 cup frozen peas
1 15 oz. can navy beans, rinsed and drained
2 cups vegetable broth

In a large pot over medium heat, sauté leek and mint in oil for 5 minutes. 
Add peas, beans, and broth and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 
uncovered for 10 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Serve.

Serves 2

Sweet Potato Salad


1 sweet potato, peeled and cut into ½-inch cubes
1 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
1 Tbsp. lime juice
1 apple, cored and sliced
½ yellow onion, finely chopped
¼ cup chopped cilantro
½ avocado, peeled, pitted, and cubed
2 Tbsp. pumpkin seeds


Place chopped sweet potato in a large saucepan and cover with water. Bring 
to a boil and cook for 10 minutes. Transfer to a colander and rinse under 
cold water. Drain well and set aside.

In a large bowl, combine oil, lime juice, apple, onion, and cilantro. Add 
avocado and cooked sweet potatoes. Toss, top with seeds, and serve.

Serves 1-2
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