Friday, January 23, 2015

BzzAgent Unboxing and #ProductReviews for Kroger Simple Truth Organic

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose had the opportunity to try some new Simple Truth Organic products in a new BzzAgent Kit! There were some winners and just one product that I couldn't connect with, but overall, I had a very nice experience. 

In the following video, I shared my BzzAgent Unboxing and I reviewed the Simple Truth Organic 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate WITH Quinoa and the Simple Truth Ready to Drink Tea Energy Beverage with Guayusa. If you interested in my other reviews for the Simple Truth Organic Ready to Bake Bread and Greek Yogurt, read a little further below.

More Product Reviews...
I visit my local Ralph's, pretty often for my essentials and decided to try the Simple Truth Organic Ready to Bake Bread and Simple Truth Organic Greek Yogurt Cup, with my free coupons. 

Simple Truth Organic Ready to Bake Bread

I have to say, the Ready to Bake Bread was fresh, great toasted with a little butter for breakfast. I sliced it and toasted it, which was my preference. It did come with instructions to place the entire loaf in the oven, which I recommend if you're having it with a family meal. This was one of the winners. 

Then I went on to try the Greek Yogurt Cup and I was very pleased with this item as well. The Greek yogurt was very rich and smooth. Fruit was at the bottom and once mixed together with the Greek Yogurt, it accentuated the taste of the yogurt. I tried their blueberry fruit on the bottom cup. The price was reasonable and I will definitely purchase this Simple Truth Organic brand of Greek yogurt again. 

I find myself looking for Simple Truth Organic products even more now since trying their products with BzzAgent and will purchase my winners again, mentioned here.

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Learn more About Simple Truth Organic
All of the products mentioned in this blog post are available at your Kroger family of stores. Here in California, we have Ralphs, which is one of the Kroger brand stores. There are many more, so check them out! You can also visit their website at and on their Facebook page at SimpleTruth

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