Tuesday, May 20, 2014

PunchTab Loyalty Program is Ending! Use Your Points before May 31st :(

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose enjoys providing its readers with awesome rewards, just for stopping by and seeing what's going on, in my blogging world. I was working with PunchTab's...

Loyalty Program

which rewarded my visitors and guests with points to enters contests for Gift Cards and prizes. However, I have been informed, that they will be ending this program in their business. So...if you currently have loads of points, make sure to redeem them for entries, in the contests they have left, for gift cards and such if you have enough points. The program will officially end on May 31, 2014!!

See schedule of events below, for this program's closure:

For clarification, here’s a little timeline:
-Starting today, April 2nd, no new program sign ups will be offered.
-April 15th, your users will start to see messaging on the PunchTab dashboards that the program is being retired and they need to use up their points by May 31st.
-April 30, programs can no longer be access and points cannot be earned.
-May 31th, the catalog closes and remaining points can no longer be redeemed.
Thanks for all your comments and just stopping by! 

No Worries...I'm still doing giveaways, product reviews, and things, myself, but this is the newest change with a vendor I was working with for some time and wanted to inform you about it.

Have a fantastic day!!

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Did you like the Loyalty program, where you received points for visiting my blog, commenting on my blog posts, etc?

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