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BzzAgent #Beauty #Review and Video for Tone Petal Soft Body Wash

Disclosure: The following review is taken 100% from my own experiences with this product. It was given to me free, to try, as a BzzAgent.

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose is here as an official BzzAgent and happy to review another product. This time I tried Tone Petal Soft Pink Peony and Rose Oil Body Wash. 
According to the bottle for the New! Tone Petal Soft, "it gives your skin a fabulously flowery treat every time you shower. The delicate floral scent lathers on to keep you feeling irresistibly fresh and the rose-oil infused body wash formula helps leave your skin beautiful and soft." 
Tone also has other spa-inspired ingredients like cocoa butter, white clay, and alpha-hydroxy fruit acids that help keep your skin moisturized and nourished each and every day
My Tone Petal Soft Pink Peony and Rose Oil Body Wash Review

I was actually familiar with Tone bar soaps and their body washes before this BzzAgent campaign, but I always purchased their Cocoa Butter Tone bar soap and sometimes the body wash. Personally, I am not really a flowery, mega perfume-type chick, but I thought that I would give this new scented body wash a try anyway. Maybe, I would surprisingly like it, you know? 

First off, you do not need a lot of this body wash to get a good lather for your body. You only need about a tsp or tablespoon on your bath sponge or wash cloth. I used a wash cloth. This particular one, had a pinkish, pearl-like look as it went on my wash cloth and I could smell the strong scent of the product. 

As I washed my arms, then the rest of my body, I could feel my skin becoming softer and softer. It felt as if it was moisturizing my skin while under the water and using the product simultaneously. If you're into getting spa-treatments or going to the spa to relax in a full-body mud bath or anything of that nature, this Tone product put me in that atmosphere, without leaving the comfort of my home. 

I read that the goal of this product was to give you a spa-life feeling and I sincerly have to agree with that advertisement. Any other day, I would have never thought to pick up this scent of Tone, but having the opportunity to try it has really changed my mind and outlook, so I am thoroughly impressed. The smell of this product became milder after I rinsed it off my skin and dried off after the shower, which I was happy about. I could smell the scent of the pink peony and rose oil in my arms. 

My skin was so moisturized and soft that I didn't have to put on any other oils or lotions because I was good to go and ready to get dressed for my day. Being someone who is health-conscious, but a bit of a tomboy too, I believe that looking and feeling good goes hand in hand from the inside out. This product definitely adds to my lifestyle of living healthy, while looking and feeling great too. I give this Tone Petal Soft Pink Peony and Rose Oil a Grade A.

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What's your favorite TONE body wash or bar soap scent? How did it make you feel? 

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