Friday, February 28, 2014

My Kiss Looks So Natural Flirty Lashes Demo #KissLashes

Disclosure: The following KISS Lashes explanation below is 100% from my own experiences. This product was received complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 

KISS Looks So Natural Flirty Lashes - No.#60484 (KFL02)

My Step-by-Step Kiss Looks So Natural Flirty Lashes Demo 

Before I applied the Flirty Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes, I made sure to complete my makeup application. I already have my shadow and mascara on my natural lashes as you see in the photo below. I like for my every day make up application, when I do wear it, to look pretty natural.

BEFORE Kiss Looks So Natural Flirty Lashes were applied
BEFORE Kiss Lashes 

Then I begin the process of applying the Kiss Lashes. 

STEP 1: I take them out of the box, with the adhesive glue that is also provided for you. These particular lashes are the Flirty Lashes - No.#60484 (KFL02)
 Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes comes with adhesive glue too!

STEP 2: Make sure to check the fit of the lashes, to make sure that they will line up with your natural lash line. I laid one of the lashes across the top of my left eye to size them up.

Check the fit of Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes across the top of your natural lash line

STEP 3: With the adhesive glue, provided in the box, I applied a thin layer of the glue on the Kiss lash for my left eye.

Apply a thin amount of adhesive glue to Kiss Looks So Natural lashes

STEP 4: Now apply the lash along your natural lash line. I held it along my lash line for about a half a minute to a minute, just to make sure that it would stick properly. Here's an image of how the FLIRTY Kiss Lashes look on me after application. It's pretty dramatic-looking, huh?

AFTER Kiss Looks So Natural flirty lashes were applied
AFTER Kiss Lashes

STEP 5: Add a little more drama to your eye makeup or wear the look natural, like me, with light make up. It's up to you. Do what makes you feel and look fabulous ;) 

According to Kiss, your lashes are reusable if handled with care. They recommend putting the lashes back on the carton that they originally came from for storage.

My Review: The Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes were easy to apply. They are very light on my eyes, but I would probably try a less 'flirty' lash for my everyday look. These made me feel like I was ready for a LIVE show performance or a night out on the town because of how long they were. I would use Kiss Looks So Natural lashes again. I give them a Grade: A.

Actress Selena Brown wearing Kiss Looks So Natural flirty lashes - No.#60484 (KFL02)

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  1. Very lovely and informational, Selena. Keep the good work coming!

    1. Thanks Candace. I'm trying to check off all of my To Do's before the weekend :)

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