Thursday, December 27, 2012

#StyleMadeEasy with #Nononsense Leggings and Tights Review

This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine.

In the industry of  “show business” you have to have some sense of style. Personally, I am all about being myself and enjoying the skin I'm in. Before, I was a lot more conservative and corporate with my style but then the “color bug” bit me when I moved to Los Angeles, CA and brought with it a lot more options. I find myself enjoying the vintage stores and thrift shops, when looking for out-of-the-box looks. They have the most unique-looking blouses, pants and shoes too! However, at times, I do have to go along with the First Lady's sense of style with an 'everyday woman' look. Now, that I have added color, I find that like a good lipstick or eye shadow, incorporating a colorful pair of tights or leggings into my outfits give me a lot more edginess and I feel inspired to take chances!

Recently, I was fortunate to receive one pair of No nonsense tights and leggings to try with two outfits.
In this first pic below, I really liked this red and gold top by designer BlingBling and decided to match it up with the Expresso-colored leggings from No nonsense. What I really loved most about the leggings was how well they fit. I have a slender body and like my jeans or slacks to fit properly. The leggings were not only warm and comfortable on my skin, but the size 'Small' fit like a glove. This is such an ironic thing because I just started experimenting with leggings this season, after a boutique designer told me to try leggings with my tops instead of skinny jeans. Now, I have No nonsense to thank for the Expresso-colored leggings and comfortable wear and support to keep me buying more.

In the second pics below, I bought this black dress with a beautiful, multi-colored pattern, down the center by designers Emma & Michele. The No nonsense Black, patterned tights with control top really gave the outfit a more wintery look and feel. I may not live in my hometown of Washington, DC anymore, but the nights in Los Angeles can get cool and these tights really kept my legs warm but looking fabulous at the same time. I really liked the pattern of these tights because they were not only black but had something else to offer the dress, which had it's own unique colorful design. When some people think of tights they think of little girls with Sunday dresses and how itchy they can be. After wearing them myself, they were comfortable, not itchy, and in my correct size of Small/Medium. Also, I usually don't buy stockings or tights with a control top because sometimes it can be a little too tight for my waist and stomach area, but these were comfortably-positioned around my waist and I could feel the support.

I have my own history of buying No nonsense Off-Black stockings in my local supermarket or drug store, like CVS. They are priced reasonably well and that's a big deal when shopping. It's nothing wrong with saving money when you can. I enjoy an affordable deal that's easily accessible. If you're in a fashion emergency and need leggings or tights to jazz up your outfit, then stop by your local pharmacy or supermarket, either of the two, to get you some.
No nonsense is doing great things for their brand. They have teamed up with Fashion Expert, Jill Martin, who is seen by millions of women and trusted for her last-minute, “fashion crisis” expertise. She is also an Emmy Award-winning TV personality and co-author of the New York Times bestselling style guide “I Have Nothing to Wear!” If you watch Access Hollywood, then you have seen Jill as the New York Correspondent. She will be working with No nonsense on a series of online vignettes to show us ladies how to wear the hot, new line of No nonsense colored tights and essential leggings to jazz up our already fabulous wardrobes. Like myself, Jill Martin, has always been a fan of No nonsense because of how easy they are to wear and find. Go Jill!

With the buzz going on about the new No nonsense colored tights and essential leggings that I had the opportunity to wear for myself, I decided to add them to my social network of brands to keep in touch. If you're on Facebook, Like No nonsense on Facebook and Follow No nonsense on Twitter.

Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing the online vignettes by Jill Martin and seeing what other colors I can work into my sense of style. Have Fun Ladies!

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  1. Love this! Great ideas!! Thanks for posting!

  2. Looks good. I have never heard about those leggings brand before but I will definitely check it out later on. Thank you for sharing!