Tuesday, December 25, 2012

#MerryChristmas 2012 and Thank You! From: Selena B.

Seasons Greetings Readers:
Today is Christmas Day and I am hoping that you are spending time with the one you love and the family and friends and little ones in your life. This year has been something, hasn't it? However, that's how it is when you're working hard towards reaching your goals. Today is a very special day on a spiritual plain since He is the only reason for my continual health and strength. It's His B-Day and the time for us all to give love and to remind others in our lives how important they are. Life is short, but life is full of beautiful places, space, and opportunities to meet and occupy moments with others. 
For those readers who stop by Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose to see what's going on with all the fantastic giveaways or to read my unexpected personal blog posts, product reviews, and little somethings, I thank you for the support. I really enjoy collaborating with other simply amazing bloggers to bring you great giveaways. It makes me feel good to contact the winners of my giveaways and read the excitement and joy in their email responses. You are truly appreciated by me.

Today is Christmas Day...it's time to relax this one day with those who give you joy and make life for this one day seem okay. Enjoy the big feast, football and basketball, going to the movie theater, or just being at home by yourself with your cats and dogs with a cup of hot chocolate and a stack of movies because in the end, you are loved and appreciated. 
Merry Christmas and Thank you Everyone,
Selena B.

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