Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's #NewYearsEve! Let's Get Ready to #BeginAgain...

Time flies. At least from my perspective this year has raced past me. I always feel that the days, months, and year as a whole, moves a lot faster when you have a lot going on. It's almost as if it wants you to take everything over into the new year with you. However, that can't be the way to begin a new cycle, right? 

New Year 13
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I've learned so much more about myself in 2012. I've learned:

  • to keep trying even when times get tough and the road less-traveled gets a bit rocky 
  • no New Year's Resolution can compete with the unexpected events that occur throughout the year to set our course of life on an entirely new path. 
  • no matter how much I aim for perfection and the best ways of doing things, I am not perfect  
  • how fortunate I am to meet amazing new people on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other platforms who inspired me at some point throughout this year with a picture, quote or blog comment
  • it is always up to me to succeed because the answer is inside of me
  • how much more passionate I am about my acting career and the benefits of my goal-setting
  • that I really don't have a clue what's in store for me in 2013, no matter how much I plan, but the best I can do is be available and open to change

We all have learned in 2012 that our world is still here, keeping us alive and well against all odds of its demise with the Mayan calendar news. It all balls down to the fact that we still have work to do. We still have work to do internally on ourselves, externally among our peers, and spiritually, in order to reach people we have no access to or have no recollection of their stories and hardships. We still have work to do...

It's New Years Eve! It's a time to reflect on how far we have come and to set the stage to begin anew tomorrow. No, I cannot sit here and write that everything will be simple and easy because what would life be if it handed us everything we wanted or thought we needed. New Year's Eve is a time to reflect and remember those who have passed on and gone to a better place. They have passed on to make us realize how important we are to each other no matter our race, religion, or economic status. We have seen and heard it all during the political race, then re-election of President Barack Obama, to the endless violence of gunfire on our own soil. We are stronger. We are wiser. Some of us have looked sickness in the eye and said that it will not claim us this year because there is more for us to do before we leave this place. Some of us have conquered fears that we ourselves thought would end us. We are one on this New Year's Eve, standing together in Time Square, on our living room couches in front of the television set, or overseas counting down the time to Begin Again. 

Remember, wherever you are on this day...some may see it earlier, but...

It's New Year's Eve. Let's get ready to begin again.

With love, Selena B.

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