Sunday, July 7, 2024

Visited Ostrichland USA in Solvang, California

Ostrichland USA sign in Solvang California

I recently took a road trip to Solvang, California, and discovered an ostrich and emus farm right outside of the Danish-themed town. The place was called Ostrichland USA. The ostriches and emus had a lot of land to roam and get plenty of treats from the guests. They were not aggressive but they enjoyed their food so hold the handle to your bowl tightly. Some of the ostriches got very excited and flapped their winds rapidly running back and forth along the fencing, a sight to behold. The weather was perfect with partly cloudy skies. I spent about 20-30 minutes on the farm and enjoyed the photographic views that blanketed the farm for the ostriches and emus to enjoy. There were many groups of people who visited the farm, including families with children so it's definitely a kid-friendly place. Thereafter, I went to the Ostrichland gift shop and picked up a refrigerator magnet to remember this place during my visit.

Ostriches on the farm

The video below shares my visit, admissions information, rules for feeding, and the setup of the farm at Ostrichland USA. Enjoy!

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