Friday, May 6, 2022

Replenishing Soil in my Raised Beds for Spring and Summer #Gardening

It's time to start putting some vegetables in the garden, but the soil from the last growing season needs more nutrients added to it. I decided to try some chicken manure, mixed with the raised bed soil I usually purchase from my local garden center. I also added some worm castings to each bed. I will be adding more when I actually plant my vegetables, along with some slow-release fertilizer. I'm happy that the weather is warming up in my part of southern California. The weather forecast has been unpredictable already this year, a couple of days are warm, and then it takes a dive back down to the lower 60s. It was the perfect day to put on a hat and get this garden task completed. It's a quick and simple process once you have selected the products that you like. This will be my second year gardening so I have definitely learned a thing or two from my experiences last year. I hope to have even more growing success this year, fingers In the video below I show how I replenished my raised beds for this growing season.

Question for You! Are you getting started with your Spring and Summer gardening tasks? If so, share your tips below with everyone. Thank you!

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