Thursday, April 21, 2022

Video: Planting a Washington Navel Orange in the Ground #GardeningTips

I enjoy eating a nice, cold, orange. It's especially good to pick one off the tree and eat it. I want to be able to do that from my garden so I decided to add a Washington Navel Orange Tree. It's supposed to be easy to grow and great for juicing and salads. Hopefully, if all goes well, I will have oranges this year in the wintertime. The tree was purchased from Tractor Supply and I purchased my earthworm castings and fertilizer from Home Depot. The tree was easy to remove from its growing container, which was nice when I had to transfer it to the ground. I mixed earthworm castings in with the native soil to add nutrients and also some Citrus fertilizer. The hole was dug twice the size of the pot and it was instructed to leave some of the roots showing above ground. I watered the Washington Navel deeply and added straw mulch, but eventually, I pulled back the mulch and added landscape fabric because the weeds were starting to pop up due to the rain we were getting. So far, the orange tree is settling in well. I have white flowers as discussed from the tag in the video and I'm hopeful for oranges in the winter. I will keep you posted!

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