Sunday, March 20, 2022

Fun Day at Sea on Carnival Radiance 2022 #CruiseVacation

It's a fun day at sea aboard the Carnival Radiance cruise ship! The video is below for you to see. I enjoyed walking around the ship, watching everyone have a good time. It really was a time for me to relax and take in the beautiful sun. It was a blessing to be able to cruise with so many people in a safe manner and have a good time. To begin the day, I used room service and had breakfast in my room. That came according to the schedule I requested, lunch for me was at the Lido salad bar, but I did get photos of all of the popular places by Guy Fieri and Shaq's Big Chicken for you to see. They were both very popular among the guests all cruise long. I participated in a group salsa dancing activity, with no contact due to the times, but it was a routine that made me break a sweat so I enjoy it immensely. Then, I went to an event to remember and recognize active duty military and also veterans. As a U.S. Army veteran, I always enjoy meeting other military professionals and their families. I am very appreciative that Carnival set some time aside for this event. There were plenty of events going on all day that would make you laugh. For dinner, I had the Indian option again, so nothing to share there. The nightly entertainment with a comedy show and then a stage performance, ended my night. Many people were in the casino late into the night though. I was definitely ready for bed to prepare for my excursion day in Ensenada, Mexico. That video is on the way!

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