Friday, March 25, 2022

Taste of Mexico Carnival Cruise Excursion in Ensenada, Mexico #CruiseVacation

On Day 3 of my Baja Mexico cruise aboard Carnival Radiance, we arrived in Ensenada, Mexico. This was the day that all guests could spend some time off the ship and explore. I decided to get off the cruise ship a little earlier before the Taste of Mexico Margarita Madness excursion, to walk the promenade along the port area. I saw many beautiful natives enjoying their stroll with their children. I even helped some take pictures in front of the decorated Ensenada signs. It was a beautiful, sunny, day so I took photos and videos of the ship anchored at the port also. After walking almost to the end of the promenade I made it back in time for my 1:00pm meeting time for the Taste of Mexico Margarita Madness excursion. They were ready to go on time and we boarded a shuttle bus, driving through the busy, Sunday, streets. We were told that Sundays are often filled with more traffic, but I didn't mind taking in the views and landmarks as our guide explained things. We ended up in a more rural area of Ensenada, with endless vineyards and ranches. I enjoyed this part of Ensenada and this is also where we experienced the Taste of Mexico cooking class. We made three different quick dishes with fresh ingredients and products locally made in Mexico. I could really taste the difference in the tostada, tortillas, and beans, which I ate instead of the meat options provided. Everyone was very professional and welcoming. There were endless margaritas, which were blended and some people asked for theirs on ice instead. The cooking instructor was very clear and passionate about each item we prepared. The property was clean and the sun shined bright through the trees with a pleasant wind so being outside for this excursion was a real treat.

Lastly, we went to a Tequila tasting, where we learned about the process of making Tequila, very informative as well. Overall, I had a great time. In the video, I give you a glimpse into my experience and my review of the excursion as well.

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