Friday, November 19, 2021

Recap of Art in the Arena at The Pond Digger Ranch in #CherryValley, CA

In Cherry Valley, California is the annual Art in the Arena at The Pond Digger Ranch. Many local vendors display and sell their creations to the public. The vendors sell pottery, metal art, natural soaps, charcoal art, hand-sewn items, wood-carved statues, and more. It's the perfect opportunity to learn about new small businesses and purchase items for the holidays while watching the video below. I have provided the information for all of the vendors with whom I was able to meet and show their items. Contact them if you would like to order anything or commission them for artwork and such. After enjoying time with the vendors, I couldn't leave the ranch without seeing the 2-day old alpaca with her mom and her dad too. It was enjoying the shade on the beautiful, sunny, day. The chickens, hens, cats, horses, and pigs, to name a few, were enjoying the day as well. 

On The Pond Digger Ranch, they rescue animals and many times nurse them back to health so they can be released back into nature. Also, if you are looking for a good contractor to build a pond at your home or business with koi fish, then here is the place to contact for an estimate and a thorough walk-through of the process. In the video, I show some of the varieties of koi and other fish that are available. The ranch's website was provided in the video as well. During the holidays, getting out among animals and connecting with good people is what the holidays are all about. It's a time to celebrate and enjoy good company. Hopefully, next year you'll attend the next Art in the Arena as a guest or vendor. It's free to the public and where comfortable shoes too, They share an update in November on Facebook every time they open for the year for the event. Enjoy the video and reach out to the vendors below.

Vendors mentioned in this video:

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