Sunday, November 7, 2021

Keystone Lockable Latch for Wood Gate #Review

There are several ways to secure a gate, but I wanted to use a double-sided key lock for my gate. After reading many reviews on Amazon, I decided to purchase a Keystone Latch Series lockable latch. I already installed the frame of the gate using the Adjust-A-Gate. This lock was simple to install, but I do recommend finding a tool that will allow you to easily cut through metal. The rods on the inside of the latch will need to be cut to length to connect to the other side of the key locking unit depending on the size of the wood post you're using. Overall, I would recommend this latch. It had mixed reviews on Amazon, but after installing it myself I believe it is strong enough to handle daily use. The bottom button of the latch could stick if pressed too far in, but you do not need to push the button all the way in because the lock unlatches very easily with half the pressure. My video review below will walk you through the installation process of this lock as well if you're interested in this product.

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