Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Get Fit Feel Rejuvenated and Strong with YogaVibes from Home! #OnlineYogaClasses #YogaPractice

Many times it feels overwhelming to stay fit or even start when you feel obligated to go to the gym. That's why many people, including myself, are turning to more interactive workouts including yoga from home. 

YogaVibes allows you to enjoy all the benefits of yoga from where you are, at home, out of town on business, in the park, on the beach, and more! They have a great variety of classes, styles, and teachers to help you feel strong, supple, and rejuvenated. Discover a yoga teacher that gets you and workout together on your time. Movement can be pure joy, and comes with amazing healing powers for the spirit as well as the body. 

Find a clear spot on your floor, set up your computer or favorite mobile device (stream on any of the devices shown above), and see where this amazing practice can take you! 

They also partnered with exhale spa, offering their signature core fusion and barre classes.

I have been to many gyms and have signed up for many gym memberships but I find that working out from home works best for me and my schedule. YogaVibes may just be right for you and your busy schedule too if you are a working professional, stay at home mom, or college student wanting to release stress after a long day of studying and exams. The thing I like about yoga, is anyone can do it. There are levels of yoga for all ages.

You can also make it a group activity or meet up for friends who want to stay in shape or want to start. Having group support in a safe environment is nurturing as well as productive. Get started with YogaVibes on a monthly basis or annual basis. For first-time users, get 15 Days Free access to over 5000 online classes. Your yoga practice is destined to be a positive experience!

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Choose the yoga plan that's right for you with YogaVibes subscription yoga videos!

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