Sunday, December 11, 2016

#Sunday Time With God Episode 25: Protect Your Power #BibleDiscussion #BibleStudy

In this Sunday Time With God Episode 25, we learn how to Protect Our Power, the spiritual gifts and talents, the greatness inside of us, that God has given us. As we get closer to God and build a stronger connection and relationship with Him, we begin to learn how He wants to work in our lives. We learn how He wants to use us among His Body of Christ. 

However, although we are blessed with spiritual gifts and guidance from God, we will be tested. Those tests can come by way of other people, close to us and those not so familiar with our true selves. Tests can come through our financial woes, or health issues, and many other areas of our lives. However, all in all, we must be spiritually ready to protect our power even when the test comes from within us, where we deter from God's plans for our lives. 

Samson And Delilah

Credit: Samson and Delilah (oil on canvas) by Pina, Jose Salome (1830-1909)
In the story of Samson and Delilah, we see how God leaves Samson after he allows for his power to be taken by the woman he loves. Ultimately, Samson learns from his mistake and finds redemption and we see how God comes to his aide once again.

There will be people, places, and things, that will try to enter our lives to test our strength in God. They will questions our sincerity in Him and test our will to trust in God's Plans. However, we can pass the tests that enter our lives, if we continue to make time for God. When we spend time with God in our quiet place, read His Word, pray for strength, and have faith and believe in His divine timing, we will then put on the whole armor of God, in preparation for these great tests.

In the following video, I go into more detail about protecting your power. Use your Bible or a Bible app, to follow along with the scripture mentioned in the video.

♥ Judges 16

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